Crafting human connection.

Building a social media presence for Cleano with people-centred design in action and a bold attitude towards sustainability and creativity. We created an impactful social media presence that attracts and engages by prioritizing strengthening the digital footprint, putting Cleano in the best light possible to gain trust and show authority in the field.

Printed media that fits.

Keeping the design clean, clutter-free, with memorable copy, we've made Cleano's offline marketing attractive and effective. Keeping colours and images simple, yet tangible and attention-grabbing, we created a print that veers away from the patterns surrounding it.

Ready, launch, brand!

Harnessing the simplicity of its designs, we made Cleano the hero on the internet! We created a clear and focused brand and business strategy by carefully walking through any milestone on the road to launch. Logo design and brand naming were just a part of making the product value. We achieved clarity, authenticity, focus and consensus - all vital to the success of the new product. Its name says it all.

Building sales opportunities.

Using social media to power up the lead generation, with targeting the right prospects, we aligned marketing action with its ideal buyer's need. Through highly targeted and segmented audiences, compelling ads, ongoing testing and use of deep analytics, we helped Cleano convert warm inbound leads to keep its sales team busy.