Powerful design and copywriting.

All communication reflected the strength and confidence of the brand. With bold and eye-catching designs, avoiding any unnecessary elements that may cause distraction we succeed in achieving recognizability that raises questions and increases attendance.

Don't forget your participants.

By reminding the audience for each event, personalized thank you notes after each session, and asking for feedback we connected with each attendee. We kept the communication open, answering all questions while generating testimonials to reinforce the success of the event.

Attention - grabbing launch.

With precise brand and marketing strategy, effective paid ads, and PR - Global Entrepreneurship Week social media channels improved by 100%. We doubled the number of participants and organization partners on the event while succeded in a launch that went viral. All social media pages were optimized with standing out content designed to encourage people to attend.

Don’t forget your team.

By continuously promoting the team that stands behind the event we influenced the audience and informed them about sessions, agenda, presentations, and all the benefits that they will enjoy. Through sharing testimonials from each team member on social media channels we achieved an emphatic and positive look that continuously gained new attendees organically.