Package designed for people to buy.

The label design idea is to be achieved a premium look but still a natural message. Gold color shapes and fonts are used in combination with photo manipulations from the product itself combined with herbs and vegetables on a wooden board as it needs to be served.

Making offline marketing works.

In-store promotions are a must-have element of a successful brand, especially for food products. For Vemilk we designed recognizable, branded promotional materials for different purposes.

Building unique brand identity.

We created a friendly yet modern expression for Vemilk, that would bring to life the brand’s connection with natural taste, making it more contemporary and ultimately. The smooth flow of the Vemilk story makes a brand, likable for all generations.

Always looking great on social media.

Through creative content, we built a strong connection with the Vemilk audience. Interactive photos, simple copy, engaging games, and giveaways. Overall, with fun and informative content, people love spending time on the Vemilk page!