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And we are here to make your Mondays easier. We work as a full-service digital agency developing brands, campaigns, and technology for various companies. Our agency combines research, design, and advertising operations into one studio to create innovative marketing infrastructure and digital solutions.


We help brands and companies stand out in the digital age.


Strategy, Idea and Concept.

We’ll determine how your brand should behave in the digital landscape while identifying the best opportunities.


Content, Photography & Video Production

We know that creative storytelling and engaging content are vital to brand success. We’re able to bring your brand identity to life in the most effective way possible.


Design, UX/UI and Technology.

We make use of the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies to design sophisticated digital solutions.


Social Media & Performance Marketing.

We know how to perfectly combine content and social media channels in order to expand reach, and drive conversions that will make your brand stand out from the rest. 

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speaks for us.

The process

Our process
of combining art & digital.

Step 1. We'll start with research and analysis.

It's time to tell us what you need. Our digital experts will have a free consultation with you to understand your challenges, business goals, and technical needs.

Step 2. We'll do the creative work.

It’s time to determine the look and feel of the project. We work closely with you, exchanging ideas and create more prototype designs and marketing strategies until we have the final unique brand look.

Step 3. We'll implement and execute

It's time your business to see the light of the day. We'll establish and build a strong brand and online presence, increasing relevant audiences, extending the reach of your message across relevant digital channels.


Creative agency
combining art & digital.

Martin Cvetanovski

CEO & Co-founder

Nikolina Cvetanovska

CMO & Co-founder

Emilija Ristevska

Graphic Designer

Natalija Djaleska

Account Manager

Gabriela Trpchevska

Content Creator

Borche Glafche

Web developer

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We're all set to take your brand into the next decade.

Strategy and Creativity

Digital Strategy
Brand Activations
Growth Strategy
Creative Concepts
Business Models

Design and User Experience

Graphic designs

User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Information Architecture
Digital Branding
Wireframing & Prototyping

Social Media

Social Media Strategy
Community Management
Social Commerce
Influencer Marketing
Social Brand Activations

Performance Marketing

Social Marketing
Growth Hacking
Performance Marketing
Digital Media Planning

Content and Production

Content Strategy
Editorial Planning
Photo Productions
Video Productions
Social Brand Identities


Our clients

You can ask our
clients about our work.

Our clients describe us as an “all thing digital” team that drives resultsby crafting top-notch campaigns, strategies, and UX/UI experiences.

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We are always open to new projects and ideas.

Pelister’s majesty, amplified visually

We created a vibrant visual identity to capture Pelister’s stunning landscapes and serene ambiance. Our mission was to translate its natural beauty into a compelling brand...
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Brand champion award-wining design

Entrepreneurs deserve to shine, and we made sure they stood out! Teaming up with Startup Macedonia for the Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign, we proudly secured the...
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Employer branding tailored to attract top talent

We’ve been the creative force behind Leanworx’s digital identity since day one. Starting with designing their bold, modern logo and recognizable brand identity, we set the...
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Bridging the gap between digitalization and nature

We’ve successfully shaped the Agritech & Tourtech Startup Programme’s brand identity. The logo intertwines nature and technology symbols, reflecting the initiative’s drive for innovation in agriculture...
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Elevating fintech branding and UX/UI design

Our fintech client’s game-changing idea for their automated investment solutions deserved a sleek brand identity, seamless UI design for their app, and great social media designs...
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November 10, 2022

Achieving simplicity in a complex world

Fintech is a start-up program that helps fintech enthusiast scale faster in their efforts to make finance more accessible. On their request for branding the project,...
View Project

Shaping perceptions through colors

Young minds push sustainability limits! And we sure have conveyed the message of this project. Our design team worked on the brand identity for the GreenTech...
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Reflecting the vision through vibrant brand design

Our creative team rejoined forces with the PREDA Plus Foundation, this time to bring to life the vision of the Vardar Innovation Hub. We crafted an...
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October 1, 2020

Where functionality meets creativity

The challenge with this project was designing a user interface for an app that would have a large number of features and needs to be simple...
View Project

Making ideas come to life

Encite Labs is an exclusive network of tech consultants. We love doing work with forward-thinkers, and we were excited to take on this project. We build...
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Events that call you back

We built anticipation by producing strong and reliable content. With high-quality promotional campaigns on the main social media sites, we expose BOF to a broad audience...
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January 15, 2020

Design made to stand out

We created visual communication that reflected the strength and confidence of the event. With bold logo design and eye-catching designs for promotional materials, we succeed in...
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Brands made to inspire

We created a friendly yet modern expression for Vemilk, that would bring to life the brand’s connection with natural taste, making it more contemporary and ultimately...
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February 19, 2018

Storytelling made to sell

We believe in a perfect home. By using storytelling in Aria Residence & Spa marketing, we give customers a reason to strive for a perfect home...
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February 3, 2020

Product launch made to succeed

We created a clear and focused brand voice and business strategy by carefully walking through any milestone on the road to launch. Logo design and brand...
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January 17, 2022

Introducing the privacy-first world

To achieve the goals and objectives effectively and efficiently, we took over and consolidated the digital presence of Nest. We developed complete branding, website, and social...
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November 1, 2021

Animate and impress

Our challenge was to create a video congratulating the holidays from the Swiss Embassy in Macedonia. We brought tоgether the best concepts by uniting various ideas...
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October 18, 2021

Capturing PEKO’s comfort

We excel in custom photography for marketing! With high-resolution product photos, we helped the PEKO brand to drive more sales on their website and on their...
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February 18, 2021

Re-branding made right

Gamers need to be recognized with great branding! We created a full fluid brand identity and story for this UK-based gamer and streamer. From logo and...
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July 12, 2021

Crafting human connection

Employees are the best ambassadors, so we let them spread their work and words through digital channels. We created a social media marketing campaign showing off...
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October 1, 2020

Visualization made to evoke emotions

Fun yet emotional corporate videos that showcase company growth and culture are a must in an employee branding strategy. We’ve created a clean corporate video that...
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Creating an impact through marketing

With precise brand and marketing strategy, effective paid ads, and PR – Global Entrepreneurship Week social media channels improved by 100%. We doubled the number of...
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December 6, 2021

Let the content do the selling

Harnessing the simplicity of its designs, we made Cleano the hero on the internet! With the right branding and go-to-market strategy, Cleano sold 50% more products...
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January 1, 2020

User experience matters

We capture Leona’s brand values not just in the imagery but also in the website’s design and functionality. With a precise choice of colors, description of...
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November 15, 2021

Building a brand that builds opportunities

The client faced us with the desire to take over their brand development for the new retail park so we did it. We created a logo...
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