Monday case study #1 Give something – take something

While there are many tools on the Internet that marketers can use to promote their brand, user-generated content is one of the most potent and effective. User-generated content for the brand means a vote of confidence from the audience. But how can user-generated content specifically benefit your brand? Learn from our previous experience with one of our clients, and how we managed to make the best out of content (texts, pictures, photos, videos, etc.) created by people who use our client’s products.

Challenge – Creating a birthday campaign

So, how did we manage to make this possible? One of our clients from the food production industry was celebrating 5 years of existence, which of course was a pretty big deal. So, he asked us to come up with some sort of birthday campaign.

Solution – Give something – take something

Celebrating 5 years is an anniversary so, a casual campaign was not an option for us. After searching for ideas and hints about what was the best choice, it finally came to us. Why not make a birthday giveaway where we celebrate 5 years and give 5 packages to 5 people?

We managed to make the best design to make it more beautiful on the visual side of the story. Then, the next question was: What must the audience do to participate in the giveaway? We know what you’re thinking. Why just not go with the regular like and tag in the comments thing? But, we always tend to think out of the box and come up with super creative ways.

Our solution was to ask the audience a question about why they love using the products that our client offers. Just a simple yet meaningful question. When we finally posted the giveaway birthday campaign, we hoped for the best. And guess what? People loved it! Answer after answer, the audience specifically wrote in the comment section why they loved the products. Beautiful and positive words were spoken for the brand of our client.

Result – User-generated content

The results from the birthday campaign were mind-blowing and beyond our expectations! 1.4K comments and 517 shares!

Then, it occurs to us! Why not use the comments for a testimonial campaign? There are no better words, than the true words spoken by the audience from their own experience with the products. We asked for permission to use the comments in our next campaign, and people were delighted. They felt very happy, grateful, and important that we wanted to use their comments as part of our campaign. We give them the recognition they deserved.

Aaand.. There you have it! User-generated content at its best! From what we were hoping to make one successful campaign, it ended with two successful campaigns.

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Monika Avramovska