Start picking up with business after the big breakup

Acknowledge and prepare for a world impacted by a transformational force that humanity hasn’t seen in a long while. Besides how sensationalist that may sound, the realist is leaning towards the “glass is half empty” mind state of the proverbial phrase nowadays. Don’t waste your precious time on pessimistic views of the future take over. Start utilizing this period in analyzing, preparing, and picking up your businesses.

[vc_column][mkd_blockquote text=”Traditional retailers and food industry work norms are challenged and will need to experience a big overhaul to adapt and overcome the problems of the foreseeable future.”][/vc_column][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Let’s look into the shifts in consumer behavior and how businesses in these fields can assess the opportunities that lie ahead.

Retailers must start with implementing measures that are beneficial to their survival.

They already started incorporating higher hygiene measures for its employees and customers, queue management, and switching to delivery options. The next steps should be switching from defense to offense:

  • Investing in the online aspect of retail (e.g. e-commerce).
  • Creating and structuring a delivery network.
  • Implementing specialized delivery solutions.
  • Creating contingency plans with key suppliers.
  • Proactively communicate any business or product availability updates with customers.
  • Adjust for customer needs in real-time.
  • Collaborating with other industries – cost-sharing, staff-sharing, and mixing retailing with service providers.
  • Utilizing digital marketing and advertising the safety and benefits of online shopping.

Most of these key points can be integrated into the food industry – the production, distribution, and serving aspect of it.

Restaurants and coffee shops have to mothball a large part of their business and push through with measures that will inevitably lower the number of their customers.

This means that they’ll have to rely on home delivery systems and invest in upping the delivery workforce to keep up with demand. Most importantly, businesses will need to develop a short-term pipeline of new opportunities, driven by new consumer behaviors. They need to focus on the new long-term plans on building meaningful relationships with prospects. In an age of uncertainty, overcoming and picking yourself up from the ground can seem like a long-shot, but consumer sentiment is increasingly becoming more optimistic about the overall strength of the economies to rebound.

The resulting disruption will be over, but the progress made throughout it is here to stay.

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Marija Janeska